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50% of Khano Goth's women have no formal job access.

New data shows that 50% of women living in Khano Goth need formal job opportunities. Women living in slums face many challenges because they have limited education and skills. It makes finding work difficult, and they often rely on their spouses for financial support. It is essential to build an inclusive society that values and empowers women for their abilities and contributions.


Why Donate us

We understand women’s important role in shaping the future, and we want to help them succeed. We offer vocational training for women who wish to become teachers. Our training program focuses on providing teachers with the skills they need to excel in our school system. When they complete the program, we offer them positions as teachers in our schools and pay them salaries. It helps empower women and strengthens our education system, ensuring every child gets a quality education from a dedicated professional.

Our Goal

To build a society where women are valued and celebrated for their talents and contributions.